25 Jan 2004

Well, 2 days and an Update?  My God, what Have I done,  I think its a Sign of the Apocalypse!  No not really But still :-p  Ok.. so I'm Really Thinking Hard about getting More content up for Both This main Site and for Rune Soldier..  this May be a long time In Coming though,  I'm Hoping that I'll at least make Weekly Updates.  so Stop On By again





24 Jan 2004

 Ok, Well, its been a while Since I updated and Well there's No Good Reason for it either...  so with out further a 'do  My 1st update this year...  and Hopefully not my last,  actually I have Plans to Re-do this site and hopefully this is my 1st step in the Right Direction...  so Just Look around for now and Click on the Test button on the Nav bar,  its the 1st Image Gallery of (hopefully) many coming in the next couple weeks (if not days)...  but Hope ya come back.. and Hopefully next time ya come;  my Rune Soldier Fan site will be up and Running (btw the test gallery is from rune soldier (if ya haven't  guessed)If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Xelloss!  Who would you be?

Oh Yeah,  and Link to me if ya want too