the door slid open, and to Passengers started to disembark.  Toshio stepped Up to the rail, looking Alittle Puzzled he he Walked Down the Ramp toward One Of the CityCom terminals and jacked in. Toshio flew through the 1st layer of CityCom Security Protocols, and Was on his way toward the CamBot Sensor Network.  Toshio muttered to himself  "He was Suppose to be On that train...". a Voice Came in Over His R.P.O.S, "Is the Mark .. Subdued?" Toshio couldn't Explain It, "Um, im Sorry Shujin..  He wasn't on the Train!.." 

The Voice Interrupted him "Well Where is he?  I thought You Said you were the Best." 

"I am THE best,  Im Scouring the Defense matrix for His PDT (Personal Data Transmitter) as We Speak..  Its Only a Matter of Time before A CamBot Spots His ass then He'll be yours.."

"There Has Been a Change of Plan...  We feel that he is of No more use to us,   he's More of a liability to us Now, your New job is to hunt him down.  Then Kill him,  bring me his PDT as Proof of His Death.."

"But Shujin, you want Me to...  "

the Voice interrupted again "Yes,  you.  Prove your Loyalty to Us, oh also if He is carrying his Briefcase, we want It also."

the Voice Faded From His Connection.  Toshio's Hands Were sweating, *I've never Been Able to Kill anyone Before...  they Know this,  Why Now?* Toshio Thought To Himself.  as He Thought those Last Words, a Tremendous Power Surge Came Though His R.P.O.S. He Screwed Up the Hack.  *Damn it..  Well I'm gunna Have hit the Apartment Now For Sure..  Never Did Like Hacking In to the Network Through a CityCom anyway* he thought To Himself as He Rubbed His Eyes and Made his Way back to the Street.

"Toshio!!...  Toshio Wait Up!"  Toshio turn and Looked To see a Young woman Running toward Him. 

"Ami What are you Doing Here?  If your Father Finds Out About this He's Going to Kill us Both ya Know.."

"Yeah?  so He's My Dad.. hehe  He Couldn't Kill ME,  Im His Little Angle"

".. yeah whatever.. What did ya want?  Im Kinda Busy.."

"Too Busy for Me?  it must Be Important.. ANYway.. "

Toshio Cut Her off In Mid-sentence, "Talk On the Way, But Once We get to the Plaza Hotel, I have to get back to Work."

they Both Started Walking, then She Started talking again "ya know.. When We get to your apt,  I could Give ya A REAL task." she gave Toshio a Quick Smile and Wink

"Ha ha I'd Love that.. BUT Im On a Mission Ya Know...  Your Dad may Get alittle Miffed If I did you instead of the job He put me on."

Well, It Looks Like Dad Has Decided that Were Going to Be on one Of those Colony Ships about to Launch for Irata 3."

"so.." Toshio started "what's going to Happen to the Clans?"

"Well, Dad said most of the Seniors are going to be coming w/ Him.  but any Clan that wishes to stay can.  but anyway.. Im going W/ him, and He Said you Could Come Too, as Soon as You Finish the Task He has Sent you"

Toshio Looked Up.. "well this Is my stop,  When Do the Transports Leave?"

Ami Looked At him oddly "at 12 Why?"

Toshio Took a look at His Watch, it was 6:P.M. "Oh Just Wondering what my Window was.."

Ami Waved at Him as He Went To the Elevator to His apt. Toshio couldn't Stop Wondering If That would Be the Last time He would Ever See her again. 

he sat Down in front Of his HomeTerm,  The 1st lvl Security was already Hacked waiting for More Input.  Toshio Jacked In and Started on his Way in to the City's Defense matrix, and Ran a Search for the PDT.

Name: Ramone Ibanez
Age: 32
CAUTION Known Active Member Of Yakuza Crime Syndicate

-Last Location Scanned-  Pepper Park: Amusement Center
-Last Scan Time- 5:30pm
-Places Most Frequented- Pussy club:adult Night Club -Pepper park-
                                          StarLight Casino -Pepper park-
                                          Louis's Diner -Plaza-

Toshio Looked Down At his Watch, 6:34 *God did the Search take that LONG?* He Set His Home Term to Keep Track of the PDT and If It Re-Surfaced, to Email His R.P.O.S. the Location and Time, and Where He was Headed..  Less than 6 hours to Get this over with,   He Loaded his 9mm, holstered it in the Back of His pants, Put On His Trench coat covering his 9, and Headed down to the Garage.  He Hoped On His Hoverbike, and Raced Over to Pepper park

he Parked Outside Of "The Pussy Club" and Made His way In.  inside was Like the Name Implied, One of the City's Finest assortment of Females,  He walked Up to the Bar and Asked the Bartender If he had Seen Ramone, and Held Up a Holo-Pic Of Him.   The Bartender Didn't say anything at first, and asked "You gunna' Have a Drink Or Not?"

Toshio Placed a $20 on the Bar, and  asked again.  the Bartender looked at Him as If the 20 was some Kind Of Joke.  Toshio Placed another 20 On the bar,  the Bartender Just Turned His back to Toshio.  Toshio Picked Up His Money, and Was bout to Pull out His 9 and Throw down Some Pain when a off-duty Dancer Came Up to Him.  She Told Him that she had Overheard what he and the Bartender Were "Talking" about, that for the $40 she Could Tell Him Exactly Where he was.  Toshio Paid up, and She said " He's Over In the Starlight Casino, he'll probably Be In there till he has to go to work the Next day."

Toshio Looked At his Watch again,  Only 3 more Hours till the Launch and From Where he was it was a Good Hour ride With all the Shortcuts he knew. -Better make This Quick-   Unlike alot of other buildings in pepper park,  the Casino Had enough Capital To Pay for Security, and actually In this District, it was suicide to run a Casino W/ out it.  getting In was Going to Be Easy...  Killing, and Getting Out Was Not.   but He had a Plan..

--to be Continued--