Toshio Strode up to the entrance, and then noticed a big Weapon detector just Inside the Entrance.  so going in armed was out of the question, and this was making His Job Very tedious.  he ran back to His Bike, and Put away his Gun in the Storage Compartment.. he got to his Bike and No sooner did he shut the container did He get a tap on the Shoulder..  a low Raspy voice From that came from behind Him Said "Were going to Do this Nice and Slow...  Don't Try anything and You wont Be Hurt.."  as He was Speaking this, Toshio was Slowly Backing Up and Felt something Push in to His Back.

"I Told you.. Don't Try anything...  Now, I see this Is your Bike...  I could Use this,  what do ya Say? "  Toshio just stood there Motionless   "Well.. Are ya Gunna Let me have the bike Or Do I need to Take It from ya?"  Toshio Looked down,  He could Just Barley make Out the Guys Shadow,   he had to be 2.02m tall .  Which meant He was A Tank, in turn Meant Even if He Could Somehow Getaway, the Tank Could Still Beet Him in an All Out Run, and if Some How he Did get His Gun out of the Bike, those 9mm Hollow-points Weren't going to Do Much To a   Flesh Mound like this.  *strong...  but not too smart... maybe... YES!, I can use this Moron to my own advantage* 

Toshio turned around slowly.  "Hey I told you Not to Try anything.."

"Uhh.. This Isn't My Bike Really.. I was putting Something way For a friend Of Mine Who's In the Casino.. I don't know the code to Start the Damn thin, He Only Told Me the Storage Code so I could Put His Gun away... Really I don't Want to get Hurt.." (his Acting job Was Amazing even him,  he thought To Him self *maybe I should have Been an actor instead* 

the Tank Looked at Him Alittle oddly  he said In his Raspy voice  "Gun Huh?  open It up, Show Me this Gun  I may want it."  Toshio Opened up the storage Container, and Low and Behold There was His 9mm.  the Big Guy Just Looked at it,  and Said "Bah,  This ain't a gun,  its a kids Toy.."   Not letting the Insult Get to him, Toshio Proceeded to Work a Story about How his boss and He had come here to gamble on some Holo-Matches and He Probably had quite a Large Sum of Money on him.  in return for Letting Him self Live he could Kill his Boss and Take the Cash, Toshio Gave the Tank the Holo-Pic Of him and Told him Where he may be..   and by the Looks of it.. The Tank swallowed the bait Hook Line and sinker.   Before they headed Out,  Toshio Picked Up His 9 and hid it away from the Big man.

Toshio Waited In a Dark alley way Next to the Casino for sounds of Commotion.. he waited there for 5 min.. Nothing..  then All of a sudden the Place Erupted In the Sound Of Gunfire *Well If Anything This was a great Decoy* Toshio thought to himself as He Ran In.   he followed the Sounds Of the Gunfire to the Now Very Worked Up Tank Was,  he ducked behind One of the StarTems before the Tank Could See Him.. and Proceeded to Jack In to One of the StarTerms ,  *this Place Must have some kind Of sensor net..  if Not Atleast I'll know if what machine He's Using..* he scanned the Information Matrix for a Scan-Net  but it didn't Scan PDT's  so he Jacked In to the Holo-Matches and Found that Ramone was So Enthralled in the Training session he was doing, that He couldn't Distinguish between the Virtual Gunfire, and the Real gunfire.  then an Idea came to Toshio..  he then re-entered the Security matrix..  he re routed a few security systems through the StarTerm  Ramone was using, so that The next Time He was Hit in the Holo-Program he was Running, that It would Trigger a level 9 security breach, and Effectively Fry his brain through the Countermeasure Feedback Loop.

Toshio Disconnected from the StarTerm, and Started to Make his way toward the Term Ramone was Using.  totally Full of Him self and The hack He Just Pulled Off he didn't Realize that He was in Plain Sight of the Tank..  when the Tank Saw Him. the Tank Finally Realized that He was Sent In as a Decoy and started to fire on Toshio.  Toshio Dove For Cover behind a support beem.  it looked Like the Tank had effectively taken Out the Entire Security Force, this Guy was B A D,  Toshio Dove from around the Corner, poped off 2 shots and Started to Look for a better weapon on one of the Dead Guards.  the 2 shots he poped off Looked Like they Just Bounced Off His Body..

*that Guy Must have Some Decent Skeletal Reinforcement,  But that 9 isn't Gunna Do Much*. 

Toshio didn't Get too Far before He had to Dive for Cover again.   the guy Was Using Some Kind of rapid fire Plasma weapon,  and Doing Some Massive structural Damage to the Place.  a few more hits to a Load bearing Wall and the Place Wasn't gunna be there much Longer. that's When the Sirens started going Off.  the CopBots Don't Normally patrol around Pepper park, but when they Do Come, Its In Numbers..

Someone Shouted from outside "Shit!  STORMBots!".  The Tanks Eyes Lit Up and a Grin crossed his Face.  the 1st STORMBot entered the Building to be Greeted By a Liquefying ball of Plasma, it Collapsed in a Pile, and Started to Self-Disintegrate (some Sort of insurance so that No one Will figure out What they Really are).   the Other STORMBots Came in all at once,  But the Uber-Tank was Putting Up a Damn Good Fight. the Tank Was Firing Plasma as Fast as the STORMBots Came In and The STORMBots were falling back..  Toshio seeing that He was once again occupied w/ the STORMBots,  Toshio ran to the Back of the Building, picking Up a sub-machinegun along the way.   he checked the clip and it had Hyper-V bullets in it. the Thoughts raced through Toshios Mind.. *Hyper V, at this Low a calaber is only Gunna Piss This Guy Off More Unless...*  he slowly made his Way To where the Uber-Tank Was STILL holding Off the STORMBots,  snuck Up Behind Him, braced Him self, and unloaded  the Entire Clip of Hyper-V bullets in to the Back of His Scull and The Tank Slumped in to a Mass.   Toshio Quickly Scanned the PDT of the Uber-Tank, and Ran a search Through LawNet Using  His R.P.O.S.,  He had a Massive Bounty On His Head, $200,000.  he had a Hard Time Prying Back One of the Metal Plates from the Tanks Bone Structure,  But Finally Got the PDT graphed in to His Right Forearm.  then The STORMBots Finally Stormed the Place to Find Toshio standing Over the Body, W/ His PDT in hand..  "I wish to Collect the Bounty On this *cough* Man *Cough*".  the STORMBot Scaned the PDT, after a few Seconds, the STORMBot Replied

"... *Bzzzz* The Bounty For Subject: PDT:0003428832 is Now Being Transfered to PDT:0000422344's account *Bzzzt*..."

Toshio Scaned his Account from His R.P.O.S.,  and Low and BeHold he was $200,000 richer.  He then Looked at his Watch, 10:59pm *SHIT!!!*  he made a Mad dash for the Term Ramone was Playing on, and there He was.  but Someone Else had already Cut The PDT from His Dead Body and There Was a Bullett In His Head,  his Security hack didn;t go Off.  Toshio made a Quick Connection in His R.P.O.S. and Checked his Msg Log,  his HomeTerm had Msg'ed him 30sec before.  the PDT was Moving at 250kph toward the Launch Platform, in the Outzone.  Sanji Picked Up another Sub-Machinegun on the Way out, and BOOKED for his Bike... Knowing that his Bikes Top Speed was 350kph.. He MIGHT beable to Catch Up

---To Be Continued---