Racing his Hoverbike at Maximum Speed wasn't a Smart thing, but it may be his Only Chance to Catch Up.  then something Occurred to Toshio,  He began to Initiate a Remote Uplink w/ his HomeTerm.  Toshio Then commanded the Remote Uplink "Initiate a Scan Of PDT's In Close Proximity to PDT:00045562334".  The Link Stayed Silent for 30sec,   then Came a Flood Of Information:

# of PDT's within a radius of 2m is (2)

#1 PDT:00043332270
Name: Anthony  Laruzo AKA "Big Tony"
Age: 29
Height: 1.95m
-=Further Information is classified=-

#2 PDT:00005443882
Name: Frank Rizzo
Age: 39
Height: 1.70m
-Recent Immigrant from the Dome Of York-

*Rizzo.. why does that name Sound Familiar?* Toshio Thought to Him self as He sped through the ViaRosso district.  the Bike's Frame was starting to Get Hot from the Friction, his Bike Could go that fast... But it wasn't Designed to.  he also noticed that it Was Becoming Harder to steer as the maneuver vents started to Lock Up from the Expanding of the Hot  Metal.  he was Either Going to have to Slow down or Get ahead of them, and Cut them off. 

Toshio Logged back in to his Remote Connection To His HomeTerm.  "Pull up a map of the City.."  a map appeared in the Lower left of his Vision. "Good,   now Overlay My Position on map."  the Computer responded By Placing A Little Red dot on the Map moving at a good Clip acrossed the Comp-Generated Map. "Ok, now Overlay the position of PDT:00045562334 and Keep me informed of Speed." and up poped a Little Status Bar, showing speed, Direction, and a Little Dot On the Map showing the Position of the PDT. 

From the Looks Of it though Toshio Was In Luck,  the PDT had Stopped Moving.   Toshio Looked Down at his Watch, 11:15,  things Were actually Working In His favor for the 1st time all day.  he was only 15 min out from the Launch pad, which meant he had 30 Min to Spare.  he Quickly made His way toward the Position of the Blip On His map, arriving at the Position in less than 5 min he found that it was a Small out of the Way Dinner.  Toshio Had the R.P.O.S. project the blips directly in to his Field of Vision so he could See Who Exactly had done this to him. no sooner did he give the Command, did he see the Blips on 2 men exiting a glider Parked outside a small out of the way Dinner, but there were Only 2 Blips.  all of a sudden,  He Finally Remembered WHO frank Rizzo was!  *frank Rizzo was one of the Mob Bosses In the dome of York!  what's He doing In Neocron?*.  Toshio made a Fast call to His Boss..   after a few Seconds the Connection Clicked active

"Shujin.. We have a Problem.."

Shujin paused a Few seconds took a breath and Let out a sigh " What Kind Of Problem?"

"Sir, Frank Rizzo and A man Know at "Big Tony" got to Ramone Before I could...  They have his PDT, and it Looks Like they have His Briefcase too"

there was another Pause on the Line

"I had a Feeling He Would come here.. But this Is a Direct assault on us, I didn't Expect this, he must have Quite a Force in Neocron.." Shujin let out another Sigh,  "now the PDT is Of No matter, Get the Case!  it is IMPERATIVE that You take it INTACT."

"Sir If I may ask,  what is In it?"

"The Future Of the Yakuza... Get it Or We Will Fail"

"Yes Sir,  Im On it"  and w/ that Toshio Ended the Transmission,   he made a Quick Look around. they were all On the Border of the Outzone and the very Outskirts Pepper Park.  the Odds are that If He Did go in W/ Guns-a-blazing, the Cops Wouldn't Be out here again tonight.  snuck up to the Door Of their Glider, and w/ a quick hack, he was inside. inside the Glider was armed like a Small country, EMP grenades,  Assault Rifles,  A MPA(Man Portable Artillery) Cannon,  what ever they Were Up to..  it was Big.  Toshio Picked Up 2 EMP grenades, and Another 2 clips of Hyper-V Ammo.  *if those Guys are Using Cyber Enhancements, these will Makem' all Toastie*.  as Toshio Was Exiting the Glider He stumbled acrossed a Pack Of "GOGo Juice" BioBoosters, So Toshio Picked Up a few *those things make Speed look Like Pixie Sticks* he thought as He Finally Made his Way Out of the Glider When He saw they were Getting Ready to Leave.

*It was Now or Never..* Toshio Ducked In the Shadowed Alleyway and Waited for them to pass.  He saw Frank pass,  followed By "Tony".  as Frank and Tony made there way toward the Glider they had been using, Frank Felt something Roll and Hit his Foot.  Frank Looked down to See an Armed EMP Grenade at His Feet,  there was a Small Explosion about equal to 50g of TNT, both Tony and Frank had dived For Cover and were Unharmed from the Blast  but the ElectroMagnetic Pulse that It created Knocked out one of Franks Legs and Tony Just Laid there, Unable to move. Toshio watched this From a Distance,  *I guess "Big" Tony Must Be Mostly Cyborged* he thought to him self.  Toshio Ran Up to both men and Procedded to Take the Breifcase from Frank,   The Disabled Crimeboss Reached In His jacket and Proceded to Remove Something from it.  Toshio Spun around and Unloaded 1/2 a Clip Of Hyper-V Rounds In to His Chest.   thats about the Time that Tonys seconday systems Came Online, Toshio Seeing the Hulking almost 2 meter tall, 181Kg Monster (hulking compared to a lil 63.5Kg Japanese Guy) he thew down another EMP grenade and made a Mad dash For His Bike.

Toshio Made it to His Bike as the Grenade Went Off, This Time though, He Just Kept coming 

*SHIT, his secondary systems Must Be sheilded..*, and  W/ that he Booked toward the Launch Pad w/ Tony in Hot Persuit in the Glider.  Toshio tried to access his R.P.O.S. But all he got was static,  the EM-Pulse Must have Knocked it out too.. He was On His Own.  He Took a Look at his watch, he had 10min to get to somewhere.. that somewhere was  15min away..  things had Just Turned VERY bad...

-to be concluded-